Sunday, August 26, 2012

Brittany Spears Judge For X Factor? Oh Please!

Really people?! BS is back as a judge on XFactor?! Well, that is BS if you ask me. Yes, maybe with the right sound effects and stage lighting the girl sounds okay but a judge? Ummm...I think not.

I just recently saw the promo of her giving someone her critique..."ummmm...maybe singing is just not for you." Oh well, if Brittany says it I guess it MUST be true. Give me a break. If this is the best that XFactor can do for a judge I won't be tuning in this year.

Now Demi Lovato is a different story. She hasn't had it as easy as the miss Brittany Spears. She's had a difficult life to say the least and bounced back after going to rehab. Not just shaving her head and riding with her kids in the front seat kind of rehab. Real, hardwork, get your hands dirty kind of rehab. Go Demi!!

I guess all this makes for good tv. If you don't tune in for the guest performers you might as well turn in and watch the previous trainwreck judge someone else's life I guess.

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