Sunday, August 26, 2012

What happened to sweet little Miley Cyrus?

Boy oh boy. The latest Twitter pic in my books is a HUGE cry for help. It's one thing to get a haircut, it's a totally different story when you are posting pics of your new haircut along with pics of yourself in strange outfits like that.

Have you seen how skinny she is? Have you noticed the messy house in the the background? You would think she would have hired help or something to help pick up the huge mess around her house BEFORE taking a Twitter picture that the whole world is going to see.

Wait, just think about it. If you were Miley and your fans were slowly fading away, what would you do to attract some attention to yourself. I KNOW!! I KNOW!!! Tweet a picture of your latest, craziest hairstyle that totally does nothing for you. That will shock people into talking. Remember bad publicity is just as good as good publicity and Miley is seeming to be getting alot of bad publicity lately.

My 2-legged friend is grown up too but she's not sporting a do like that. For goodness sake, if you are growing up, its time to stop acting like a child. The world does not revolve around you Miley. Grow your hair back out, stop trying to pull this "bad-ass" attitude and just be yourself.

Please note: None of my 2-legged little human friends will ever enter the world of showbiz. EVER! If you want a stable adult, do not subject your kids to this world of constant rejection, strive for perfection, and a world that they do not have the mental capacity to understand.

Just my thoughts.

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